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About Us

AMA Club #3981

Club Officers

President - Ray Shroba IV
Vice-President - Pat Habel
Secretary/Treasurer - Ray Shroba III


About the Club

The Joliet Radio Control Club has been in existence in the Joliet area under several names since the early 1940's. In October of 1975 with only seven friends present, the club founders elected Jim Bertino President, George Shride Vice-President and Gene Dolasin Secretary/Treasurer. This was the beginning of our club, Joliet Radio Control Club as we know it today.

We are a model aircraft flying club chartered by the AMA, (Academy of Model Aeronautics) Club #3981, and have a total membership of over 100 members with a wide range of ages, (we have a youth membership program).

Our many members enjoy building and flying a wide range of models, from airplanes weighing a few ounces you can fly indoors, all the way up to scale models that are half the size of real airplanes weighing almost 80 pounds. All types of radio controlled model airplanes, sailplanes, helicopters, multirotors and jet powered aircraft are regularly flown from our field.

Under the current 2015 leadership of President Ray Shroba IV, Vice-President Pat Habel and Secretary/Treasurer Ray Shroba III, the Joliet R/C Club still retains many of the original ideals and practices our founders began with, such as the love of building and safely flying radio controlled model aircraft and the friendship of other modelers. We have a very isolated and beautiful 1300' x 350' grass flying field that is rather "park like", peaceful and not that far from our last field where the Chicagoland Speedway main entrance now sits.

We hold indoor club meetings typically on the second Sunday of the month, (unless a holiday or significant R/C event exists), from November to May leaving the rest of the season for flying and meeting at the field. Our biggest event of the year is our annual club family picnic held usually in August. 

Visitors or persons interested in membership are encouraged and welcome to attend our meetings to learn more about our hobby and our club.

Hobby Instruction

One of the hardest parts of getting into our hobby is purchasing the right items. The second hardest part is learning how to fly your new fangled contraption. And the third is understanding how everything you purchased works together to create a flying model. As a diverse club we have the knowledge to help with almost every part and aspect of our great hobby. We also have some of the most friendly and talented people in the hobby, willing to help in anyway they can. We can advise you on the selection of an ideal trainer model, look over your equipment and provide ground and flight instruction.


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