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Membership Application

New Member consideration

  • Potential JRCC member must be a current AMA member.
  • Potential JRCC member must attend at least one meeting (Allowances will be made on a case by case basis).
  • Dues will be paid in advance of any flying privileges.
  • Must meet a board member/flight instructor at the field or other to discuss club rules, bylaws, identify "No Fly" zones and discuss all safety rules and emergency contacts.
  • Member will be required to demonstrate one flight to show proficiency and aircraft airworthiness.
  • New member will be on a one year probationary period; unsafe flying, disobeying safety/field rules or other personal conflicts will be addressed and may be subject to removal from the club.
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Note: By submitting this form you do not become a member of Joliet Radio Control Club. This form is an application for membership.